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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby giovilux » 10 Jul 2022, 15:52

rern wrote:A fix for Wi-Fi: Please try the latest update, 202207101 or later.

Hi rern,
it works now.
Using another software was very painful :)
Rebuild of the DB is painful as usual but this seems a problem for all the software that I have tried.
Great work!
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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby eea123 » 15 Oct 2022, 15:34

Just took the plunge since the QNAP NAS updates broke the v4 mounting. Waiting for the database rebuild.
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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby eea123 » 15 Oct 2022, 17:52

Database all rebuilt. NAS seems to be periodically dropping off, but the main problem is trying to figure out which IS^2 I have. Have rebooted a ton of times. It was a generic eBay DAC addon card.

UPDATE: Got it going with the HiFiBerry DAC+

UPDATE 2: Getting used to the new interface, adding JazzRadio stations and the rAudio Android app. So far, so good.
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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby dmitrich » 27 Nov 2022, 12:08

Hello, all. I haven't updated the app for a long time, last version was 20210227. But when I did update the application to the latest version - my rabberry box went quiet - the volume control has disappeared and there is no signal during playback. The hat in the settings is correct - hifiberry dac2 hd. What else needs to be tweaked? I haven't updated in a year. I rolled back to the old version for now.
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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby kw* » 14 Jan 2023, 11:57


It occurred to me that I bought the remote app Soundirok for earlier sound projects.

During the installation I chose the "MPD basic" configuration and can remotely control r/Audio. NAS music content is shown, but no cover art. To give r/Audio access to it, you have to do some configuration.

I used the 'RuneAudio' settings but nothing shows up. Do I need other commands in r/Audio?


- RuneAudio:
Code: Select all
ln -s /mnt/MPD /var/www/music
(Soudirok specification)

- r/Audio:
Code: Select all
ln -s /mnt/MPD/NAS/DATENSERVER /var/www/music
(my settings analogues to adding a network storage)?

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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby Beelzebassie » 18 Feb 2023, 13:47

Small bug in today's update (rAudio 20230218):

When browsing the library, using the directory structure in the upper left corner navigates you to the associated source (e.g. "NAS") instead of the desired map/directory.

EDIT: 20230224 fixed it. Thx, rern!
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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby PenguinMusic » 11 Mar 2023, 14:23


Just installed latest version available for download and upgraded online with the add-ons.

But I would like to output sound over USB... My DAC is connected to pi4.
But there is nou USB choice for an output.

Am I doing something wrong ?


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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby LeighP » 09 Jul 2023, 16:21

Just bringing this back to the top. - the new place for rAudio.
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