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Postby kw* » 17 Apr 2022, 08:59


I‘m running rAudio-1 version 202204151 on a RasPi3B+. It works fine but local covers in album grid view. In play view the local cover is shown (one cover.jpg 600x600 per album folder).

I‘ve also tested soundirok (command „ ln -s /mnt/MPD /srv/http/music“). Within the program it works but I prefer web gui. Cleared cache, rebuilt database didn‘t help.

Where do I have to start in this version? Is coverart_ctl.php still the right approach? If so, where is the file stored?

Thanks and best regards,

[edit]: I‘ve got it, missing writing permission. Never need it before at this point. ;)
Raspberry Pi 3 B+, rAudio-1 v202204151
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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby alfred0809 » 23 Apr 2022, 19:03

I made first experiences with the new Bluetooth audio support, receiver mode. I have no previous Linux bluetooth experience, so please read my post with a grain of salt.
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Re: RuneAudio+R e6

Postby M.B. » 21 May 2022, 20:39

Hi together,

thanks for the great Job, very good and is working fine with a USB Bluetooth Receiver for my AmazonMusic.

BUT - question - is the http command system disabeld?

Because i use an loxone system and in previous Versions i could toggle play pause and setvol with the commands:

http://ipofmyruneaudio/command/?cmd=play or pause or setvol

Since the Update this doesn't work any more.... any ideas? Or is it in the new version not more implemented?

Is there a new syntex which i did not see?

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