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Re: RuneAudio 0.5-beta for most Raspberry Pi models

Postby R101 » 24 Nov 2019, 13:35

I have tried 0.5 before but never managed to get it to connect to my Asus router, which has a hidden SSID.

The difference between 0.4, which works, and 0.5, seems to be some lines missing from /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

I added:


- and 0.5 connected immediately.
(Pi 2, Ver. 0.4b build 20170229, JLS I2S over USB)
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Re: RuneAudio 0.5-beta for all Raspberry Pi models

Postby KATYSA » 27 Nov 2019, 15:12

J4K wrote:Hi janui,

Rpi3b, RuneAudio 0.5-beta2.

Thank-you for releasing an update, But my fresh auto clicker word unscrambler jumble solver install is stuck on the "Starting rune audio" screen with a blinking cursor, and never gets past this.

Cannot collect debug info.


The Kernel is patched for 384k support as well as many of the DSD devices. Gearhead has tested 384k/24b support on PCM5122 as well as PCM5102 i2s cards. Another improvement is that we have changed from shairport to shairport-sync. Shairport-sync is fully integrated into the UI. It is much more robust than shairport and is in current development.
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Re: RuneAudio 0.5-beta for most Raspberry Pi models

Postby EZJstef » 28 Nov 2019, 18:34

hi all,

i still have the problem of netwok RJ45 connexion ...... i have already wifi ok ... but for WLAN0 is connected but no IP assignad and when i put RJ45 on runeaudio reboot alone several time !

so for the moment sometimes reboot with only wifi connexion but my wife can listen to the music !

any problem on debug ???

thanks for your help

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Re: RuneAudio 0.5-beta for most Raspberry Pi models

Postby ysha » 09 Dec 2019, 15:25

Hi, please tell me how disable "Dirble" and "Jamendo" from RuneAudio 0.5b.
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