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Postby rern » 28 Jun 2020, 09:35

theclaw wrote:...
My System is dead too. :( Anyway possible to fix that? My System works very well, till last update, its annoying that an update kills a good workin System :cry:

Yes, it is. Especially when you just could have read a few pages back to understand why there's a new release in a post just before yours.

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Re: RuneAudio+R e3

Postby rolopolo » 28 Jun 2020, 10:21

What a fabulous work. I have been running in to problems with other releases so to see such hard work and further development was a joy. Using +R e4 on a Pi 3B+ and Hifi Berry Digital plus.

No so much a bug but a feature that seems to have been lost along the way somewhere, Albums with songs marks as compilations could do with some treatment as the do appear as an album in their own right but are hard to find in the Album/artist library list. It was nice having them all appear under various artists. When found in the album view the track order artist seems to override track number in play order.
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