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Postby rern » 15 May 2018, 08:40

alecs123 wrote:...
I’m running beta 0.4; when I get the addons and graphical UI enhancements I cannot get spotify to load. I’ve tryed with and without upgrading MPD and with and without other addons like lyrics.

I don’t use Spotify. Somebody who does please share. If it’s a bug, I think I have to sign up an account.

alecs123 wrote:If I uninstall the addons altogether, then the previous interface gets all messed up especialy with library items.
Is there a work around this?

I have tried installing Addons Menu from scratch then uninstalled it without web UI errors. Addons Menu + RuneUI Enhancement installed then uninstalled showed no errors as well.
Please try to install again one at a time and let me know.
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