Wifi connection not working

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Wifi connection not working

Postby Filu4321 » 29 Jan 2023, 15:38

Hi there,

Im trying to connect my Raspberry Pi 2b to wifi. It has installed the newest version of runeaudio.

When i try to connect it to wifi (i have a wifi stick attached), it won't connect.

I typed in the password for the correct wifi, but if i disconnect lan and refresh the page, the website doesn't load.

Here is the log:https://pastebin.com/FFg0UFjx

I don't know what i did wrong,
Can sombody help me please?
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Re: Wifi connection not working

Postby eea123 » 31 Jan 2023, 14:09

What version are you trying to run and can you attach to the network with just the stock OS? My 2B is hardwired, but I believe you have add / edit the config file. Do a search within the forum.

Here's a discussion on the plain OS troubleshooting.

https://raspberrypihq.com/how-to-add-wi ... %80%9D.%20
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