Web Radio Streams v0.2-beta-rPi

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Web Radio Streams v0.2-beta-rPi

Postby souldessin » 04 Apr 2014, 21:46

In short, I don't understand how to input a stream URL in to the playlist. I was able to get everything installed and working for regular music, but could not figure out how to enter in a stream's URL. I was wondering if it was just disabled for this version or if I am overlooking something.

This is a beautiful looking project, in style and workings. Nice job.
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Re: Web Radio Streams v0.2-beta-rPi

Postby loopymonkey » 15 Apr 2014, 16:38

Just upload a .pls text file as you would an mp3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PLS_(file_format)
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