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Web interface not loading

Postby kratos97 » 19 Dec 2019, 10:51

Hi All

we are using Rune on a Pi 3 in a store as a trial, it has stopped playing music so I go to the wen interface which doesn't load up on my machine, I then remote on to their machine to try and load it up and I just get a black screen. The pi has been rebooted a few time but still nothing.

If someone could help ASAP! that would be great.

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Re: Web interface not loading

Postby eea123 » 20 Dec 2019, 12:48

I don't know that I can fully address this, but maybe a few thoughts will help?
- Since it is in a store, how are you powering down the PI (if at all)? You need to power it down thru the PI rather than unplugging it.
- You might have a corrupt image from bad power downs or word SD card. You might reimage.
- Can you PUTTY to the IP from a PC and see the unit (or do you have a keyboard and monitor to use it)?
- How long was it working before you had issues?
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