Volume Level with Dragonfly DAC

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Volume Level with Dragonfly DAC

Postby keithdw » 22 Jul 2016, 18:48

I have Runeaudio (RuneAudio_cubie_0.3-dev_20150410_2GB.img) installed on the NAND of my cubietruck. Copying to NAND seemed to solve many of the issues I was having running it off of an SD card (mostly issues with mounting the local sata ssd as storage).

The issue I am having at the moment is that all my music is very very quiet, almost undetectable in my headphones, through my Dragonfly DAC even with the software volume control on 100%. If I switch the audio output interface to sunxi-CODEC and plug my headphones directly into the headphone socket on the cubietruck the volume level is ok, but sound only comes from the left can (the other available options sunxi-sndi2s and sunxi-sndspdif [I don't have a digital out] do not function).

The RuneOS kernel I'm using is ACX, ACX and Orion seem to be the only two that work with the cubietruck, as the others cause errors within the UI.

Does anybody know how I can increase the volume from my Dragonfly.
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