ssh connection refused on Raspberry Pi

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ssh connection refused on Raspberry Pi

Postby jeanervin » 11 Mar 2022, 09:22


I'm trying to connect to my raspberry pi 3 raspberry setup via ssh on my laptop, but even though I have the correct IP address, I'm still receiving the error:

ssh: connect to host port 22: connection refused.

This is unusual because when I try to ping that address it works fine. Is there anything I can try to figure out what's wrong?
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Re: ssh connection refused on Raspberry Pi

Postby tsawyer » 15 Mar 2022, 21:32

that's something I've never seen connecting to a pi, rune or pi os. what os are you running on your laptop and do you have another pi/sd card/device on your network to test a connection? personally not sure if the install is corrupted but I did notice the card I used in all my pis did not work too well after being overwritten a few times. once I changed to a larger, different brand it does seem some of my issues went away. refused usually means the target box is saying no but it's not unheard of to get strange messages from windows. if it is an option to test a ssh connection request, there may be more insight into where the fault is occurring.
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