Select digital filter without reboot

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Select digital filter without reboot

Postby hercules97 » 25 Dec 2019, 08:53

Hello together,
I am using the new version of runeaudio (RuneAudio_rpi2_rp3_0.4-beta_20170229_2GB.img.gz), running on a RPI3 with HIFIberry DAC+ PRO.
When I select a digital filter, using alsamixer, this change does not take place immediately. (I change between "Ringing-less low latency FIR" and "FIR interpolation with de-emphasis" and measure the HB output using soundcard on PC)
I tried the following to apply the filter, which was changed using alsamixer (with ssh over wifi-accesspoint):
a) reboot -> worked fine (succeeded 5 times until now)
b) mpc stop;mpc play -> 2 times OK, 1 time NOK
c) Unselect, than reselect HB in MPD-client -> 2 times OK, 1 time NOK
d) alsactl store
Is it possible to apply these settings in a reproducible way without reboot (on runeaudio - of cause :-) )?
Any idea, why the setting is not done directly, when using runeaudio?
Could anyone reproduce that behavior?

Thank you really much and best regards
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