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Running Rune automatically

Postby andydee » 12 Apr 2021, 14:52

Hi all,

I've got a question about Rune I'm hoping somebody can help me with. I couldn't see a clear answer from the docs.

I need to set up an automatic music player for a venue space that would constantly play local tracks.

What I'd like to do is set up a Raspberry Pi so when it was booted up, it would automatically initialise and start playing tracks on shuffle. I'd also quite like to be able to compile tracks into a daily playlist, i.e. separate folders containing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. tracks. It would continue playing tracks, looping if necessary, until powered down.

Network might not be available so I'd like to set this up to run unattended without using the UI application. Is this something that is doable with Rune, and if not, does anyone have any suggestions for another approach that would work on an rPi?

Thanks in advance.

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