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RuneAudio RPi3 and Bluetooth

Postby pcgw » 16 Feb 2020, 19:31

Hi guys, I just came across Rune Audio and have installed it into an RPi3 and got it working fairly quickly - (surprised me!)
My intention is to get it running with a touchscreen and Bluetooth it out to a car radio (or headphones)
As this may not be trivial, I have a couple of questions..
1. as installed (RPi -> HDMI to flatscreen with speakers), I don't have much control using either mouse or touchpad on my keyboard - -there is no mouse pointer that I can find (although I can tab around the screen and get things to happen that way. It does, however, work fine via a browser on my home network (once I'd worked out how to get it to look at the folders on a USB stick!) so it's now playing random selections as requested. how do I get better control on my directly attached input devices?
(I guess if I get a touchscreen working it won't be a problem because I can then stab it where I need to without trying to follow a mouse pointer!)
2. No obvious way to get the output audio to be via Bluetooth, but I'll take a careful rummage through the Forum to see if someone has already invented that wheel, but just in case, any pointers?
thanks. PW
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