RuneAudio+R e6 - Network problem

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RuneAudio+R e6 - Network problem

Postby PenguinMusic » 11 Mar 2023, 17:25

Hi everyone,

RuneAudio is probably dead or this is not the place to look for support as obviously no one replies here...
I want to use it nonetheless as it is based on Arch and... well, I'm an arch user :-)

I will ask my question nonetheless.

I am using the latest (10 march 2023) RuneAudio+R e6 version on a Raspberry Pi4 Model B with 4GB RAM.
It is supposed to retrieve music from a NAS with a shared partition for Music.

If I go to "Settings = SQettings" and add a new share, it will detect the share and light up a small green icon in front of that new share.
I then start a scan of my music library.
It takes AGES !!!! So after a while I look in "Settings => system" again to find out that the NAS now has a red icon in front of it's name.
It does not turn to green unless I play with the "HotPlug" button underneath.

Any way to get a reliable connection to the NAS ?

Thansk a lot for your wise answers :-)


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