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RuneAudio On request

Postby crearelectronica » 06 Mar 2015, 18:09


I want to know who can make a " RuneAudio " for me ?.
Functions are only read music stored on a USB hard drive.
No need network functions.
No need Spotify.
I just want to see my lists of music from a web environment with the basic functions .
Play / Pause Stop - Prev - Next and search of music .
Can someone do this and give me the value or cost for this project?
Also I require the recommendation of which plate use : Pi - Beaglebone Black- CuBox - UDOO ?

Thank you very much
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Re: RuneAudio On request

Postby franz159 » 19 Mar 2015, 02:21

I'm not sure yet if I will have the time to do it for you...

But here is my list of "things" to consider.
I'm using UK prices as a reference, not knowing where exactly you are based.

1) Player: Raspberry Pi2, no case, 8Gb SD card, multinational power adapter, on

45.25 GBP

2) Dac: IQaudIO Pi-DAC+ Full-HD audio card, on

30.01 GBP (45$)

3) Case: IQaudIO Pi-CASE for DAC+, on

16.70 GBP (25$)

4) Storage: Samsung M3 Slimline 2TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive - Black, on

64.99 GBP

5) Software: RuneAudio 0.3 (or maybe 0.4 :D )

0.00 GBP ---> 10.00 GBP donation to Rune (at least, you may add more if you want :lol: :lol: :lol: )

Grand Total 166.95 GBP = 230.07 € (as of today 19/3/2015)

I would recommend Raspberry Pi2 simply because now with Pi2 you should not be afraid of any performance glitch any more and the user base is just huge. It's future proof in all senses since there are various good SW solutions with their own pros and cons (of course Rune rules!!).
Personally I built already 3 systems as the one summarised above (2 for myself and one as a present to a young nephew), so - should I build it - I'm sure I would deliver!
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Re: RuneAudio On request

Postby vinylphobia » 17 Dec 2015, 19:06

Need a Rune Audio image to install on an SSD for use with an X86 platform. Hate Jriver and just need to have NAS connectivity like with the Pi.

For use with a High End DAC and SoTM USD card Hence the X86 requirement. Willing to "Donate" to the cause


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Re: RuneAudio On request

Postby Fidelity089 » 05 Nov 2016, 09:05

.. have you seen this! ..


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Re: RuneAudio On request

Postby zackthedog » 08 Nov 2016, 08:50

Looks nice, but $1300 for a Pi platform? Gosh. I'm with the OP--would love to have an x86 version., with UEFI boot for Atom processors or NUC. Would be glad to contribute as well!
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Re: RuneAudio On request

Postby eea123 » 23 Dec 2017, 19:26

... and no onboard DAC. There's a used one at $1k on US Audio Mart right now.
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