Rune in a Car / some generic Questions

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Rune in a Car / some generic Questions

Postby x9mr » 02 May 2014, 23:10

Hey all,

got some questions and I hope someone can reply soon :-)
at first i will build a car-PI with a DAC PCM2704 connected via USB, an USB-Stick and such things....

1. i am hoping to use Rune-Audio as its OS, if its possible to create an WLAN Access-Point for controlling via Smartphone.
Its possible in Archlinux as i seen on many forums, but will it work permanently and can i start the ap when booting?

2. another question is; can i run scripts for the gpio pins on rune?
i am going to get a power supply from with 3A that is gonna send a kill signal to the pi when the car turns off, and the developer has got a script for arch thats why i`m asking :-)

3. another question is: if I put a screen behind my pi with a 6xx * 4xx resolution, would it be possible to get the remote-site onscreen? just like opening browser in fullscreen and go on :-)

would be great

greetz a new contributor

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Re: Rune in a Car / some generic Questions

Postby Midnight » 05 May 2014, 17:18

1/2. It should be possible to do everything with RuneAudio, that you can do with Arch.
3. Probably it's easier to use a tablet as controller :mrgreen:
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Re: Rune in a Car / some generic Questions

Postby ACX » 05 May 2014, 18:36

I use a 2 years old Android tablet for my tests and with the incoming 0.3-beta it works like a charm (in terms of performances it trashes the 0.2-beta, like I disclosed in this preview). So an old and/or used tablet would be the best choice in my opinion.
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