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RPI Music Player

Postby Trevor » 30 Apr 2023, 23:13

I am trying to set up my RPI 2B to stream my music collection into my stereo. I will be using a InnoMaker Raspberry Pi HiFi DAC HAT PCM5122 HiFi DAC Audio Card Expansion Board. First I downloaded the RuneAudio image but do not see any files in my Finder.

I was following the instructions to flash as SD Card using a Mac in the RuneAudio Quick Start Guide. When I got to the lines "dd bs=1m if=[source] of=[destination]
so a real example of the command is:
dd bs=1m if=/Users/antonypa/Desktop/RuneAudio_rpi_0.3-beta_20141029_2GB.img of=/dev/disk2" and got stuck. I understand substituting the appropriate "/dev/disk2" for my card for [destination]. I don't understand the substitution of "/Users/antonypa/Desktop/RuneAudio_rpi_0.3-beta_20141029_2GB.img" for [source]. Is that the text I use or do I need to modify it for my computer. I suspect that i should substitute my user name for "antonypa". I am very nervous using Terminal for fear of messing up my computer which is a M1 Mac Mini 13.3.1.

If I put the RPI and DAC in a case, should it have a fan?

Thanks for any help.
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Re: RPI Music Player

Postby williamanderson » 11 May 2023, 07:54

Yes, I think that it should have a fan for sure shell shockers 2
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Re: RPI Music Player

Postby eea123 » 13 May 2023, 10:17


My problems with my NAS as a source seem to originate from user permissions and the file path structure.

1) I have to use my admin logon even though I setup another user.

2) I also kept the music directory path //"Local IP Address"/multimedia/music, seemed like anything else would give it issues.

3) I also need to check it from time to time and "Remount" it under the System - Storage setting. I suspect that my NAS going into a power save mode is the problem there.

Hope that helps. I too often think I need to reboot the RuneAudioPI only to discover I could / should have just remounted the NAS. I'll see my last music list, but can't play any tracks. Turns out the NAS shows a RED Light in System - Storage, if I Remount I get a GREEN Light and we're back to music :).
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Re: RPI Music Player

Postby danikluka » 13 May 2023, 23:41

williamanderson wrote:Yes, I think that it should have a fan for sure 1212 angel number

Well, the Raspberry Pi 2B doesn't generate excessive heat, so a fan might not be necessary unless the OP plans to push the device to its limits or use it in a particularly hot environment..
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Re: RPI Music Player

Postby Trevor » 08 Jun 2023, 15:45

I am still looking for suggestions about the most important part of my question. It had to do with the unix script for flashing my micro SD card.

dd bs=1m if=/Users/antonypa/Desktop/RuneAudio_rpi_0.3-beta_20141029_2GB.img of=/dev/disk2

I downloaded a file and my Mac automatically unzipped it. The file name is “RuneAudio_rpi2_rp3_0.4-beta_20160321_2GB.img”. I assume that in unix script line “dd bs=1m if=/Users/antonypa/Desktop/RuneAudio_rpi_0.3-beta_20141029_2GB.img of=/dev/disk2” “antonypa” is the user and I should substitute my user name for it. I also assume that “RuneAudio_rpi_0.3-beta_20141029_2GB.img” is the name of a downloaded file and I should substitute the name of the file I downloaded. I am also unsure about the "/dev/disk2". I assume that disk2 is the name of my micro SD card. I do not understand the "dev".

Thanks for any help for an old man.
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