Read-Only filesystem possible?

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Read-Only filesystem possible?

Postby klettervirus » 14 May 2019, 18:05

Hello Runeaudio Team and Freaks!
I am still struggling with a decent way to power the raspberry on and off. I want a "normal" switch, that keeps the sd-card safe. I could not get the pimoroni on/off shim to work, the standard bridging of the two pins from the Pi does not seem to work either.

I have some projects on a pi that use a raspian OS with a mod to mount it read only, so I can just cut off the power to it. Works like a charm. Could this be implemented in runeaudio? Has anyone done that and can tell me what to do in archlinux? I remember having read somewhere that it even micght be implemented as a preinstallable solution from runeaudio itself?

Any help is appreciated!

Kiindest regards, Stefan
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Re: Read-Only filesystem possible?

Postby janui » 15 May 2019, 10:47

Hi klettervirus,
We did some work trying to make rune boot from a read-only SD card while working on 0.5b. It is not simple or straightforward. The major issues are ubuntu related, it is not really an arch linux issue. Things like systemd and its associated components make it difficult. The subject is still on our to-do list, our next release will standardise several things which should help make it possible.
These two posts seem to be interesting, maybe they will help with your on/off switch problems. See: post26916.html?hilit=colin#p26916
And: shutdown-restart-pushbutton-t6781-10.html?hilit=header%20shutdown#p27707 (and the previous posts in the thread)
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