PI Zero W - totally confused - my options

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PI Zero W - totally confused - my options

Postby GreenGrass » 17 Apr 2020, 12:39


Totally new to this & totally confused

here is the stage im at.

I have the image on the sd card in Rasp PI Zero w. (with USB stick) its plugged into a HDMI on a normal tv, it has a black screen with RuneAudio Login:

I can access the front end of Runeaudio on Wifi via my laptop and when a song is played the sound comes out of tv!

I have a 17inch touchscreen in a case, i can plug the laptop into this and control Runeaudio on touchscreen, but the sound is coming out of tv.

how do i get the sound to come out of the laptop?

can the rasp PI be connected directly to the touchscreen elimnating the laptop ( if i am using laptop there is no need for PI really)?

im trying to make a stand along jukebox. can Runeaudio be used in this way?

Thanks for any help, i just want to run the Rasp PI to play music via touchscreen!
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Re: PI Zero W - totally confused - my options

Postby Taff » 26 Jun 2020, 16:13

you can select the output audio device from menu/MPD ( top right of the screen ) It seems it is set to to HDMI out at present.
You will need an alternative output device connected to the Pi, a cheap USB audio box for instance, or an HDMI audio splitter, although that will probably need some extra setting changes to the ini files to allow HDMI without a screen connected.

edit. Re-reading your post, unless I am missing something, I don't think it is possible to send the audio back to the laptop, the system is intended to play to an external amp / speaker setup.
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Re: PI Zero W - totally confused - my options

Postby LeighP » 15 Aug 2020, 09:52

Your audio will not play out of the laptop - you use that to control the system. There is no streaming involved.

Add a pHat DAC or similar to your Pi Zero W and play the audio back through an amp or speakers.
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Sounds nice!
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