Network issues , reachable by IP by not via URL

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Network issues , reachable by IP by not via URL

Postby nic » 01 Apr 2014, 22:37

I have had constant network issues recently . I have been plugging in various SD cards into the 3 Pi's on my network . Not just MPD based (volumio/raspyfi/rune) either , including XBMC and also finding out some SD cards are only suitable to cameras in the process . I got to the point where I could no longer access Rune by URL , but fine by IP address . The same occurred in my workshop where I have a Pi fitted with Hifiberry running Volumio , the UI was unreachable by could be pinged and the command prompt reached by SSH fine . Clearing your ARP cache cures these issues . If you have these issues , go to command prompt on a PC on your network , enter 'netsh interface ip delete arpcache' and away you go , you should be able to access by URL again :)

Hope this is useful


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