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Multi-Channel USB or HDMI

Postby Panos » 27 Mar 2021, 06:33


I'm setting up an interactive art installation.
I want to use Raspberry Pi4 as a stand-alone device,
I'm using Supercollider (open-source audio synthesis sw) for the multi-channel composition (6 channels or 5.1).
I would like to ask which is the most simple and robust way to go:

1. USB external soundcard. Which are the most compatible and tested with Pi (with the right drivers)

2. HDMI Audio Extractor, for example: ... 13&sr=8-75
Has anyone experience with this kind of devices. Do they work? Are they plug and play?

3. add-on shields:
a. Audio Injector Octo sound card. ... sound+card
b. X6000K-8.0CH Expansion Board
Unfortunately, they have stopped producing them. They are upgrading them for Pi4. They will be ready in a few months.
Has anyone tried any of these?

Any suggestions are extremely valuable.
Thank you in advance

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