Modi+ and a very old Raspberry Pi.... Rune Audio?

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Modi+ and a very old Raspberry Pi.... Rune Audio?

Postby nedite8864 » 17 Jul 2023, 12:29

I joined the club some weeks back and have been loving my Mangi / Modi stack. I've got an old Chromecast Audio providing my streaming content via the toslink.

Now, I'd like to use an old Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ to connect my flac library via usb. I had been leaning towards using Rune Audio as they have an OS for this old Pi, but when I google around it seems like I'm finding conflicting reports as to if the Rune Audio OS supports UAC2 to be compatible with the Modi+. Do any of you have success or troubles with this? Vidmate

Rune runs headless, and seemingly is easily controlled through a web browser. This feature is perfect for my use case. Frankly, Rune also just looked like a simple player too, and this sounded appealing. I'd rather not have full iTunes-ish suite.

Are any of you already running a similar set up and have any thoughts? Am going wrong with Rune?

I can't really try anything until Amazon delivers a wifi dongle that will be used in this set up... so while I patiently wait until tomorrow I thought I'd ask you for opinions.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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Re: Modi+ and a very old Raspberry Pi.... Rune Audio?

Postby cmh714 » 17 Jul 2023, 19:57

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