Local browser preferences?

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Local browser preferences?

Postby gearhead » 12 May 2020, 01:18

I have been trying out Midori and Chromium. It seems that previous versions of Midori had a lot of cli/config file capability that has disappeared. That is a bummer. The current version of midori on Arch is v9.0. It is aimed more at the desktop and has little tweak-ability as launched in a kiosk mode. Chromium seems to have more useful functionality when launched as CLI app as I can specify zoom and other things. It is a bit heavy, though, and hasa lot more requirements that Midori. Just wondering if anyone here is still using Midori and has figured out how to control some of the old cli settings, local.css and zoom are the 2 I would like to figure out if they are still possible in Midori. I have not found them.

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Re: Local browser preferences?

Postby Bert » 27 Aug 2020, 22:20

For a while I opened Rune on a Linux distro, it went well on Midori but it looked troubled. Just try different browser and see which is light but still capable. Close the browser once your done programming Rune, it saves cpu space.
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