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latest function in library

Postby tsawyer » 18 Apr 2022, 19:57

I have a question on the new function. I am very happy to see this added, it's something I have always wanted to see. my setup is all the rune boxes pull from another pi running samba. when I upload new music to the nas, I have to go to all the run boxes and tell it to reindex the nas to find new stuff. if it is something like uploading the new joe satriani, I could say reindex that folder only. when new artist are put on the nas at the root level the only option is reindex the whole thing.

my question is I uploaded a dozen new cds. I reindexed the whole nas since there were a few new groups. when I click on the latest function, it says no new albums since last update. I know that's not true. so is the latest limited to local usb drives? if the function would tell me new stuff, awesome. as of now, I'm used to going to the nas and looking to see folders last modified to tell me what I uploaded last. to me, not the biggest deal if that only showed local drives, not networked. but I was curious on this one to see if I'm using it correctly.
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