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indexing from ssh

Postby tsawyer » 15 Sep 2021, 17:53

is it possible to index a music source from ssh? when I click update database, it has to execute something where it is pointing to a source. if there's no way to automate the indexing, I should be able to run a command and make it cronjob
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Re: indexing from ssh

Postby hondagx35 » 17 Sep 2021, 13:35


try "mpc" (music player client)


mpc is a command-line client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD). It connects to a MPD and controls it according to commands and arguments passed to it. If no command is given, the current status is printed (same as “mpc status”).


mpc [options] <command> [<arguments>]


update [--wait] [<path>] - Scans for updated files in the music directory.
The optional parameter <path> (relative to the music directory) may limit the scope of the update.
With --wait, mpc waits until MPD has finished the update.

rescan [--wait] [<path>] - Like update, but also rescans unmodified files.

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Re: indexing from ssh

Postby tsawyer » 23 Sep 2021, 04:02

thanx for the information. I did try that out but no joy. I kept getting malformed path error even when confirming my path. since the source I'm pulling from is another pi running samba, I confirmed I was using the correct path by df -h. I'm fine doing ls <path> but couldn't get it working with mpc. what I finally figured out was the issue was lack of perm. mpc ls <path> gave me an access denied error. so I would need to play with perms to grant mpc access to the share it seems. I was not willing to do all that when I do have the nas/share working the way I want. plus I'm really not in the mood to have to rebuild something and move the 160+ gb music back to the share.

I was hoping the mpc would let me update my library off hours. I'm guessing what I'm asking it too much into the secret sauce but since I have to create a new library every time I update a box (last time I did it think it took around 5 hours) I'd much rather have an option to sched that function. appreciate the thought, just was not able to use it in my setup
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