How to connect to Synology Diskstation

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How to connect to Synology Diskstation

Postby teacherman » 22 Jul 2020, 18:50

After using Volumio for quite a while I decided to give RuneAudio+R e4 on my RP2b a try. Now I'm struggling to connect my Diskstation. I've tried different ways of adding the NFS share path (/volume1/music) - with and without trailing slash, with and without slash at the end and so forth, but it just won't add my NFS share. Using Volumio I have no trouble in doing so and I'm wondering, what I'm missing or doing wrong. Any suggestions?
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Re: How to connect to Synology Diskstation

Postby Bert » 27 Aug 2020, 21:28

Try to use Samba share. On Runeaudio choose: SMB/CIFS. It worked fine here. On your Synology you may have to turn on Samba, and try to figure out what it's file sharing path is, or IP adress, and put it in Rune.
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