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Help assembling an audio manager

Postby carlmart » 02 Aug 2019, 12:15

My intention is to use a Raspberry Pi 3B as the hardware to assemble a streaming system to play my music files in my living room.

The Pi 3B will only be in charge of receiving the Ethernet streaming, and deliver through USB to an external DAC, in my case a Topping D50. No DAC conversion or analog audio output from the Raspberry, ever.

So I need a Linux program, controlled by touchscreen or RC, to select the files from the network, for now my PC and soon a dedicated server.

Files will be high resolution types: wav, flac, dsd. Very rarely or never an MP3.

What software would serve my purposes, preferably free?

Is there any other hardware that would allow more sophistication or higher audio quality?
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Re: Help assembling an audio manager

Postby 3142 » 21 Sep 2019, 19:09

I do just what you are seeking to do with the same mix of files. Runeaudio will compile a library from shared drives on the network, which you include in the 'sources'. It can read .cue files but not inside an .iso. I have about 5Gig on my network, which takes an age to scan. It is an overnight job, at least. Well worth backing up the library.
In short, no other software is needed. Add a digiboard PiHat and have option of Hires phono and optical output.

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