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Getting started with mpd mpc

Postby dezmob » 01 Aug 2019, 18:17

Hi everyone!

I'm here because I'm struggling to make my little project to work.

I'm just trying to playback MP3 files from a UBS stick plugged into the Pi, and control the playback using 5 GPIO (play/pause, next, prev, vol+ and vol- ) and a 128x64 OLED display.

Using Volumio I managed to make all that working (sort of) the only problem was that pressing the play button didn't do anything unless I use my phone to create a playlist from the USB drive... So the headless operation was compromised.

Since making mpc mpd playing the usb files from a button press will require some scripting, I'm considering giving up on volume (since I won't use any of the integrated features anyway) and use a bare raspbian buster with mpd installed

The first problem that I'm facing is that even thought I've configured mpd to automatically update the song database using the
Code: Select all
I still need to invoke
mpc add
to add the songs...

Isn't there a simple way to make my pi to mount automatically all usb storage devices that I might plugged in and control the playback of the new discovered songs with some buttons press ?

Thanks you all for your help
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