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Cast RuneAudio to VLC

Postby Painas » 23 Dec 2019, 22:39


I am trying to implement a RuneAudio solution as a centralized audio player. On one of my location I can access the rpi2 via 3.5mm cable but on the second location it is impossible for me to reach it with a audio cable. I do have is a computer connected to the same network of the RuneAudio so my question is, is it possible to make the RuneAudio spit a cast so that I can use the computer to catch with with VLC, for example?
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Re: Cast RuneAudio to VLC

Postby eea123 » 24 Dec 2019, 10:51

I think you are going to want to look at the Rune player as an endpoint. I've only used my PI's headphone output to troubleshoot the initial setup of my system, but use the add-on DAC's RCA outs to my preamp from there on out.
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Re: Cast RuneAudio to VLC

Postby Painas » 24 Dec 2019, 17:26


Thanks for the post but I ended up on finding a different approach to the problem.

By editing the mpd configure file, in /etc/mpd.conf, just add this to the end of the file:

Code: Select all
audio_output {
    type        "httpd"
    name        "SuperStreamService"
    encoder     "flac"
    port        "8000"
    quality     "6"
    format      "44100:16:2"
    always_on    "yes"
    tags   "yes"

With this you open port 8000 casting all the audio to it. With that, just need to go to VLC or any other application, open network stream, "192.168.X.X:8000" and all works smoothly :)
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Re: Cast RuneAudio to VLC

Postby R101 » 24 Dec 2019, 18:48

I do not understand the problem here. Why not just play the stored music files over the network with vlc, or whatever?

Once Samba is set up, any computer on the network can access the sources used by Rune.
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