Introduction to the RuneUI

RuneAudio features RuneUI, a unique integrated and easy to use interface.

A web interface

Built in PHP, JavaScript and CSS. Due to its nature it’s platform independent, being accessible from every modern web browser, on every operating system.

A MPD client

Allowing the user to control the playback, browse the music database, manage playlists and edit the play queue.

A control panel

System configurations can be tweaked to obtain the best audio performance. It grants access to a number of system commands, without the need to open a terminal session.

It is designed to be responsive, and it displays correctly, scaling itself for every kind of device, including: desktop PCs, laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones.

Main sections

The following are the main sections of the RuneUI, reachable through the navigation menu at the top right corner of the screen:

  1. Playback
  2. Sources
  3. MPD
  4. Settings
  5. Network
  6. Debug

Historical background

For some historical background about the RuneUI and its authors, you can read this post in the forum:

[ About RuneAudio and Volumio ]

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