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The Network configuration screen provides a means of configuring your network connections, both Ethernet and Wireless (WiFi).

The button at the top of this screen ("Refresh Interfaces") refreshes the screen to show all available network interfaces.

Network Interfaces

This section lists the interfaces found on your system. Clicking an interface in this list opens the editor for that interface's settings.

Interface Properties

This panel displays additional information about the selected interface.

Interface configuration

The IP Assignment selector allows you to chose between "DHCP" and "Static."

  • The DHCP selection (typical) instructs the device to get its IP address from a DHCP server on your network, most likely your router. With this setting selected, the IP address of your device can change over time.

  • The Static selection allows you to manually configure an IP address for your device. This means your Rune device will maintain the same IP address after each reboot, and can be connected to using that same IP address each time. When selecting Static, you need to enter the required information yourself.

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