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The Playback section has 3 tabs, located at the bottom of your screen. The tabs are: Library, Playback and Queue.

Library Tab

The Library tab provides access to your music library. You can quickly access your music from various places. By default, there are 6 buttons here. "Network mounts” provides access to storage media connected to your network, typically referred to as Network Attached Storage (NAS). "USB Storage” contain lists of content stored on a USB drive connected directly to your system. "My Webradios” allows you to maintain a list of web based radio stations by adding the name and URL for the feed to Rune. "Spotify” provides access to your Spotify online account. "Dirble” provides easy access to thousands of online radio stations. "Jamendo” provides access to Jamendo, a music website and an open community of music authors. It bills itself as "the world's largest digital service for free music". You can also add music folders to this list (See "Add bookmark" below).

Upon pressing the button, you have a "back" button and search bar at the top of the screen. Below that is a list of your NAS mounts (added in Sources menu item). At the bottom of the screen are up and down arrows, letting you navigate through your library, to the top, the bottom, or one page at a time.

Pressing an item in the list performs a command, depending on the type of item. For folders, it opens the folder. For tracks, it highlights the track. Double clicking a track adds it to the bottom of the queue, and immediately plays it. Clicking the 3 horizontal line icon (Actions) presents options depending on the type of item. For folders, the options are: Add, Add and play, Add replace and play, Update this folder and Save as bookmark. For files, the options are: Add, Add and play, Add replace and play.

Add appends the file, or the contents of the folder, to the end of the queue. Add and play does the same thing as Add while also playing the file (or first file if adding a folder). Add, replace and play clears the current queue, adds the file (or folder contents) to the queue, and plays the file (or first file in the folder). Updating this folder retrieves the content of the folder from the disk, and updates the MPD database. "Save as bookmark" creates a button on the main Library screen with a shortcut to that folder.

Playback Tab

The Playback page allows you to manage the currently playing track. At the top of the page is the Artist. Beneath that is the Track Title. Beneath that is the Album name, or "[no album]" if the Album is not tagged in the metadata.

Beneath the Track information is the Playback Source. Options are MPD, Spotify, Airplay and DLNA. Clicking the label will open a selector, allowing you to choose the playback source.

Beneath the Playback Source you will find 3 graphical components. The first is the Track Position meter. The meter visually represents the played and the remaining duration. Inside the meter are the Current Position and the Total Duration of the track. There are 3 buttons beneath the Track Position. The first toggles the "Repeat" function. The second toggles the "Random Play" function. The last toggles the "Single Track" function.

In the center, if enabled, is an image of the album/cover art. Below it is the "Share" button, which allows you to post details of the current track on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The last button takes you to a page where you can learn how to support our efforts.

On the right are the Volume Controls. The main graphical control represents the position of the Volume knob, and the numerical value, from 0 to 100. There are 3 buttons beneath the Volume Control. The first turns the volume down by 1%. The center button toggles the Mute function. The last button turns the volume up by 1%.

Queue Tab

The Queue tab displays the tracks that are in the current playlist, or queue. A search box at the top of the screen filters the contents of the queue list for those tracks that match the search terms you type. Pressing an item in the Queue listing plays that item. Pressing the "x” icon on the far right removes the item from the Queue. At the bottom left of the screen are 3 additional items. The "document” icon takes you to the playlists management screen. The "floppy disk” icon allows you to save the current Queue as a named playlist. Simply enter a name and click "Save playlist” to create a new playlist from the existing queue. The "trash can” icon prompts you to clear the contents of the current queue.

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