WebUI; drop list not shown with many folders

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WebUI; drop list not shown with many folders

Postby bassiedt » 23 Jan 2014, 21:55

I noticed that when you have a folder in your library which contains a lot of folders, the user is unable open the drop down list from the bottom folder, to add it to your playlist.

I think the desired behaviour should be indeed that the list drops down, but if that list reaches the bottom of your browser, it should move a bit upward.

Thanks again for this great piece of software you guys have put together.

A bit off topic..:

And a small feature request, would it be possible to add a go to previous folder button to the bottom navigation bar? When your folder contains a lot of files, you now have to scroll all the way up in order to go to the previous folder.

Another future feature request would be to add keyboard shortcuts to the webinterface;)
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Re: WebUI; drop list not shown with many folders

Postby ACX » 23 Jan 2014, 23:11

Dropdown menu going off screen is a known bug I'm going to fix in the new version (heavily reworked) of the RuneUI.
I also want to put the "previous folder" button in a fixed position on the top of the screen.

About keyboard shortcuts: I can do it quite easily but... wouldn't be more useful to have keyboard shortcuts working even when the RuneUI is not visible?
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