use bluetooth in place of WiFi AP

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use bluetooth in place of WiFi AP

Postby bilbo6209 » 17 Dec 2018, 20:53

Hey all,

I am building a media player for at work, he have a VERY HEAVY wi-fi system at work (all systems are wi-fi only no wired connections except for printers etc)... Network team does scan regularly for wi-fi networks that are not corporate networks... And quite frankly I don't want others to have access to my music stash :)

I have a touch screen but it is kind of janky and I would rather not use it, but my phone is on my desk all day every day... So I'm wondering if there is anyway to use the Rune Audio remote over Bluetooth instead of wi-fi.

I have seen quite a few posts here and on other sites where people are trying to get Bluetooth streaming working, I personally don't care about that, I am just trying to not enable the WiFi AP and still have functionality to control my music player using the Rune Remote on my phone.
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