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Tag editing

Postby starfishmod » 24 Jan 2014, 00:01

I would love to be able to id3 edit tags from my client and add my own images of album covers. That way I can correct on the fly without having to load up a separate tag editor.
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Re: Tag editing

Postby ACX » 30 Jan 2014, 21:49

We are also starting to have your same needs after an intense use of the RuneUI as default player in the last months :) Consider it as a valid request.
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Re: Tag editing

Postby Stavros » 31 Jan 2014, 14:32

This would be great. Especially if you could drag and drop cover images from other browser windows in the same way you can add photos to Gmail messages.
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Re: Tag editing

Postby Surson » 31 Mar 2015, 19:30

I agree this feature can be very useful!
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Re: Tag editing

Postby Taxicletter » 29 Aug 2018, 14:06

Since we're 4 years later: me too, I would like this :-).

Then I could stop using iTunes and run RuneAudio as my music player on my Mac.
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