Synchronous playback across multiple devices (rooms)

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Synchronous playback across multiple devices (rooms)

Postby robinmem » 16 Mar 2015, 14:22


What a great piece of software!

Thank you!

It would be wonderful if this could be used as a different rune device in different rooms (me, room mate 1, 2) where we could:

- share (or not) our sources
- operate each device separately
- have 'party mode' where all devices play synchronously throughout the house with each being able to control it's own volume.
- Jukebox mode - where controllers can add a request to the cue?


Thanks for a great thing!
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Re: Synchronous playback across multiple devices (rooms)

Postby ACX » 16 Mar 2015, 16:14

Hi robinmem, welcome to this community.
This feature has been discussed many times (also recently here), and it's definitely on our future roadmap. Any help for speeding up its development is truly appreciated.
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