Spotify album and artist view

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Spotify album and artist view

Postby voorstad » 17 Nov 2014, 15:52

I have installed Runeaudio (PiMusicbox user, former Raspify user) to evaluate.

When using the Spotify option, I am wondering:
- where is the album or artist view?
- How can I search for an album or artist and then add the entire album or artist to the playlist?

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Re: Spotify album and artist view

Postby AndreR » 17 Nov 2014, 16:31

In this initial implementation, the Spotify User Experience is limited to play Playlists already saved in your main Spotify account, so - right now - no Search, Playlist creation and different views.
My understanding is that the RuneAudio team is working on adding a more complete set of features.
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Re: Spotify album and artist view

Postby mrgnz » 23 Mar 2015, 21:16

I'd love to see a spotify UI similar to mopify
I guess rune people are working on it anyway.
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