Some questions about runeaudio and raspberry pi

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Some questions about runeaudio and raspberry pi

Postby Memory Dump » 13 Jan 2018, 10:42

First, i want to say that this is the first forum i ever join, so if if i made a mistake like post in wrong thread or something, i hope you can forgive me. And also my english is very bad so... sorry.

I made this post because i have some questions that i cant find anywhere on google

1. Can i use runeaudio alone? By "alone" i mean no phone, no internet, no web browser whatsoever, just a rpi,a touchscreen, a battery and a dac. It that possible or you must have another devices to control it.

2. So i got into rpi pretty recently, about 3 month or so, and as far as i know, HAT and other stuff that goes on the rpi dont use every single GPIO pin. So if i use for example, a hifiberry dac + a screen that goes on top each other, is that possible. I have search for pin out and both thing uses that i2s pin. So can i use a touchscreen with a dac that way, or i have to use the official touchscreen (which is more expensive and a little big) that use another slot?

Thank you for spend time reading this post.
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