software HDCD decoding for Linux is possible now

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software HDCD decoding for Linux is possible now

Postby Dmitry Nevozhay » 14 Jun 2016, 22:48

Hi devs,
I've found the source codes for HDCD "on-the-fly" decoder for foobar2000 in the net.
The VC++ project home is there:
(Copyright (C) 2007 Christopher Key, 2010 Chris Moeller, 2012 Gumboot).

The "hdcd_decode.c" sorce code contains a plain C implementation of HDCD decode process (so it can be compiled/ported to Linux),
while the rest sources implements wrapping it into (Windows) Foobar's plugin API interface.

So please, reuse this code for RuneAudio audio stream proccessing, i.e. transparent detection/reconstruction of 20bit(24bit) output PCM stream from 16bit hdcd-encoded PCM stream,

As we (audiophiles) need every hidden bit to be unvelied :)

You should not even reverse engineering something (it's done by Christopher Key), just learn the source code and reuse it
Dmitry Nevozhay
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