$20 Sodial PiFi i2s dac works

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$20 Sodial PiFi i2s dac works

Postby surfninja » 28 Oct 2016, 01:39

I got this dac working using the hifi berry dac+ driver with my RP2. I bought it for my OpenElec instance but it works much better with RuneAudio.
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Re: $20 Sodial PiFi i2s dac works

Postby technosf » 12 Apr 2017, 18:34

Dito with a Wingoneer PiFi Digi+ (it has SPDIF/TOSLINK), one of the many PCM5122 based PiHats.

It's a HiFi Berry Digi+ to Rune. Works just fine.
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