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Postby Chris63 » 03 Feb 2018, 19:54

A very useful search for tags by year would be a great extra. I often think of a year I enjoyed and can easily list all the albums I have that were recorded that year on my Netgear NTV550. My collection is currently just filling a 2Tb HD so search functionality is essential considering the number of albums there, which is currently over 150K. It would also be really nice if the year could be displayed after the artist and album (which is currently listed beneath the track title). I often wonder what year a track was recorded whilst listening or perhaps playing random tracks. My Netgear shows the year but it's useless and constantly crashes, so before you say it - that's why I had to move on to Rune. You seem serious about designing a serious professional music player and that's special as nobody else makes one that actually works!
Sincere thanks for your excellent work so far, best wishes, Chris.
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