problem with volume level after reboot

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Re: problem with volume level after reboot

Postby ACX » 27 Feb 2014, 19:02

tux wrote:I think I found a solution to the alsa volume state.

I logged in using ssh and gave the following command:

alsactl store

Now after reboot the level is always set to 100.

Yep, I was sure it was some ALSA setting. Thank you for the tip (we hadn't the time to dig into it), we are going to fix this behavior in a future release.
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Re: problem with volume level after reboot

Postby tux » 04 Mar 2014, 17:48

I did a manual Archlinux installation in order to examine if this noise is still there in a minimal headless installation.

I installed it successfully and the noise (like the noise that old vinyls do in turntables in a digitial version :P ) is still there with both samba and nfs shares.

As it seems my installation suffers from the shared ethernet/usb port and i can't do anything about it as it's not a software bug.

I thing it's time to move on to my next embedded hardware (cubox i-4 pro maybe?) as i've lost countless hours trying to figure out what's happening.

FYI in pure arch installation i had no problem with audio lavels changing. It always stayed to 100%.
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