Playlist Remap?

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Playlist Remap?

Postby irishwill2008 » 20 Oct 2016, 16:45

I would love it if you can view and edit the playlists?

I know i can simply add to the queue but thats not allowing me to edit and save?
I have to empty the queue, add the playlist, delete the playlist and then add the songs i want extra then save the new playlist again.

^ Which is a load of hassle xD
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Re: Playlist Remap?

Postby Proske » 20 Mar 2019, 01:13

This is the exact thing I was looking for as well, because I tend to make a lot of playlists "on the go".
So when my library is being randomly played I often think "ah, but this song would really fit in playlist X" and then add it there.

With foobar on my PC this is just 1 simple drag and drop from current to addressed playlist and done.
With Runeaudio you cannot add a song (ideally the current playing one) to a playlist without opening the playlist, going through your library to find the song you want, add it to the current list and save it.

Would be awesome if this could be added!
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