Option to display a delete icon to remove the current song

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Option to display a delete icon to remove the current song

Postby eboxr » 28 Apr 2016, 04:55

When you have a huge music library, coming from multiple sources, it s very common to discover some songs.
Among them some do not match your musical taste...

Close to the play/pause/stop icon adding a delete icon which would remove the song from the library but also from the source would be nice
(maybe would need a confirmation).

Alternatively, this could fixed by adding the icons: like/dislike which would populate two playlists...
so then you could listen to your favorite songs, or remove from disc the one you dislike.

I do not have any idea of the complexity of such a feature.
Maybe it would not be possible to delete it depending on the source permission,
probably adding an option in the settings to display that delete icon, might solve it ?

Any other ideas / suggestions ?
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