Optimal Raspberry Pi for Pihole?

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Optimal Raspberry Pi for Pihole?

Postby TingxoGamchu » 15 Apr 2024, 07:46

Seeking the Ideal Model Solely for Network Pihole Operation. Is the PI Zero W Sufficient? Deciding on the Best Raspberry Pi for Dedicated Pihole Usage. Guidance Needed on Selecting the Perfect Pi Model.
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Re: Optimal Raspberry Pi for Pihole?

Postby NeerMohan » 08 May 2024, 11:14

Absolutely! A Pi Zero W is totally capable of running Pi-hole for your network. It's a great budget option and uses very little power.

Here's the thing: if you plan on just using it for Pi-hole, the Zero W is perfect. If you ever want to add other services or mess around with the web interface, a Raspberry Pi 3B+ or 4 would be a smoother experience.

Let me know if you think you might want to do more down the line, otherwise the Zero W rocks for Pi-hole!
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Re: Optimal Raspberry Pi for Pihole?

Postby LeighP » 11 May 2024, 21:07

You can run PiHole on the the PiZeroW but I would recommend maybe a Pi3B with a hard wired connection.
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