Odroid N2+ with CoreElec hardware acceleration

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Odroid N2+ with CoreElec hardware acceleration

Postby fujitora45 » 14 May 2022, 09:44

Hello, everyone! I recently purchased an Odroid n2+ and plan to use it as a media player. When I installed the latest stable CoreElec(19.4), I was surprised that hardware acceleration did not work. After half a minute of loading, the screen was constantly blank. Everything works perfectly when I disable HWA.

When I try to play 4k HVEC files with HDR, though, the Odroid struggles and the image stutters. With HWA turned off, it only shows an image; with HWA turned on, the screen remains blank.

However, I am unable to make it function. I tried CoreEleect nightly as well, but the results are the same. Can somebody assist me with this problem? Is it true that HWA isn't meant to work with CoreElec?

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