ODROID C2 with DAC board ES9018K2M

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ODROID C2 with DAC board ES9018K2M

Postby dunghnguyen » 03 Oct 2016, 07:14

I have the ODROID C2 installed Rune Audio to feed the digital signal via I2S to the DAC board ES9018K2M that it played perfectly.

But note that for this same DAC board I tried with RPi installed Rune but it played with no audio at all (I suppose the i2s signal from RPi is not suitable for ES9018K2M?!). In case you want to use RPi then you should use an external USB to I2S / Xmos boards to feed I2S that it played well as well (my friends did trial it ran perfectly). In case you use one of these boards, you could power it externally or from the power header (5VDC) on the ES9018K2M board.
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Re: ODROID C2 with DAC board ES9018K2M

Postby dasnake » 14 Nov 2016, 22:07

I have exactly the same board es9018k2m and an odroid c2 but I heard only a very loud noise on the left channel. Can you describe how you connected the board and configured runeaudio? Thanks!
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Re: ODROID C2 with DAC board ES9018K2M

Postby sagittarius » 09 Dec 2016, 23:59


Any information how to connect it properly ?
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Re: ODROID C2 with DAC board ES9018K2M

Postby anigi » 03 Oct 2017, 08:34

you can trie to set the dac in slave mode this solution works for me with rpi
had the same problem noice on audio playback
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