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Re: New platforms

Postby ACX » 01 Jan 2016, 19:52

Hi Vikt0r, there are good news on this front. Orion's efforts to standardize the build of the system in a common "cookbook" is almost ready and it will be published soon, making easier to port RuneAudio to old and new platforms. The pcDuino is still in our plans btw.
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Re: New platforms

Postby Vikt0r » 22 Jan 2016, 11:38

Thanks ACX for your reply!
Hope to see the cookbook soon.
But it somehow still feels strange, that the RuneAudio was initially focused on the barebone Raspberry Pi so much, avoiding the feature-rich PcDuino (SATA, WiFi, HDMI etc.). I would have done it the opposite way :)
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