Mobile touch-target sizes

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Mobile touch-target sizes

Postby ianhaynes » 09 Mar 2015, 16:57

When using Rune on a mobile or even a 7 inch tablet, the touch-target sizes could do with being increased.

The Queue delete buttons are particularly difficult to use and the menu bar play controls could be larger too.

[Large fingered user otherwise really enjoying the UI.....]
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Re: Mobile touch-target sizes

Postby ACX » 09 Mar 2015, 23:03

Hi ianhaynes,
I agree on the playback buttons on the top, they are small for a medium finger size, so using them with a touch screen is a bit tricky. I want to improve that in the next version of the UI.

But regarding the delete buttons in the queue, their clickable area size is a square which has the same height as the corresponding list entry (should be 50px). Don't get misleaded by the size of the icon.
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