Matrix X-Sabre DAC with Raspberry Pi 3

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Matrix X-Sabre DAC with Raspberry Pi 3

Postby Pelorus32 » 16 Sep 2016, 23:32

Brand new user. I've just put together a Raspberry Pi 3 running the latest download. It works just perfectly with the Matrix X-Sabre DAC either PCM or DSD.

Unfortunately the same is not true of the Resonessence Labs Herus (I have the original version). It creates nasty noises - hums and howls and clicks and stutters. The Herus is a DSD DAC also but it's bus powered from the USB. I have set USB bus power to 1.2a and the red light remained steady throughout, so I don't think it's power. The iPhone is quite capable of powering it from a Lightning to USB adapter for instance.

Anyway a big tick for Rune Audio, a big tick for Matrix X-Sabre compatibility and a thumbs down at this stage for the Resonessence Labs Herus. I will test some more in future.
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